The Art of Blossoming in the Darkness

This is an immersion in YIN & INTUITIVE MOVEMENT : A weekend where you will dive deep in to your inner water landscapes. The intelligent network and channels where the force of life is flowing. Navigating in these waters will nourish your natural self-healing, your body's own intelligence and clairvoyance. Living this life with a body as sensation.

"To rest in the softness, stillness & steadiness.
This is the blossoming."

For me, this is the nourishment in the practice of YIN, intuitive movement & self massaging techniques. It is also the trust to release with the help of breathing awareness and your own voice.

Non-judgmental - Acceptance - Love

Physical stagnation and pain are equal to emotional/mental blockage and limitation. YIN has for me been an exceptional opportunity & permission from myself to melt physical pain, fatigue and imbalance. Instead, it opened the channel within me, where the wisdom and the elemental power of nature flow through me and let me thrive in the ease & bliss of simply being.

Now I want to invite you to this weekend to share my medicine and to guide you into an exploration & a navigation within. With the guidance of physical forms/ positions/ intuitive movement and the importance of rooting yourself. This immersion is a journey through the body & its inner flowing network of fascia; the bridge between body and mind. A ride deeper into the inner landscapes where the release of the inherent life force occurs.​ Bathing in the primordial waters of this existence.

It is this increased body awareness that gives you the opportunity to blossom and flow in your fullest spectrum yet to rest in trust of the everlasting expansion.​

Please note that this is not a traditional YIN yoga course/ training. Basic principles are reviewed, but I will teach from my own experience & the medicine that I have developed during my many years as a teacher and in the meditation of YIN. I honour the traditional teachings - but I have my own intrinsic techniques and flows that have emerged, when I chose to bloom in the dark.

You will receive a manual, literature list, diploma of 20h and new insights after completion of the weekend.


This immersion is both for students wishing to deepen their own practice; and also for teachers who want to share the dimensions of YIN & intuitive movement.

When you decide to join this weekend you have already begun the process.

Remember that this immersion is about guiding yourself into a safe space of exploring, with no performance or stress.

A note to teachers: From my heart, as a teacher's teacher, I want to make clear that this immersion is not just for those who wish to add to your resumes or 'just' to receive a certification (although you will).

To be able to fully participate and share this medicine, you have to allow yourself to dive deeper into your own practice. From this integrity and expansion, you will find your own words and techniques to teach and share.

20-22/9  2019

Fri - Sun 8.30 am - 5 pm (Lunch break 12 pm -1.30 pm)

Location: Kapucia, 27 Lord Street, Liverpool, L2 9SA


£270 pp for the weekend

There are 2 payment options for you to choose from:

Early Bird option £245 if paid in full by 18th July


Payment Plan as follows:

Registration Fee of £70 secures your place (this is non-refundable)
£100 by 31st July
£100 final balance by 31st August

Book your spot :

"Silence speaks,
Movement speaks.
Silence moves me,
Movement stills me."

Tiina Ravelin

Holy Heart